RSM Australia Pty Ltd, a national accounting firm, wanted their new office to be timeless, sophisticated, with good acoustic qualities and an emphasis on technology.  The resultant interior is elegant and sophisticated, technologically advanced and responsive to the direct demands of the client on the space. The client facilities in the new office were extremely important and the result is a world class facility that caters for multiple functions and uses a series of operable walls and AV systems which allow the space to adapt as its use changes.


Through efficient planning, maximisation of natural light and a clean, neutral palette the response enhances the user experience with all staff and visiting clients having access to the panoramic views from the new office location.


The inclusion of a generous prime space for the staff hub is seen as an important facility for the wellbeing of the staff.  The finishes in this room are warm and welcoming and offer a relaxing space for staff to enjoy lunch and breaks throughout the day.


The design strategy ‘keep it simple’ was a focus for this project for two reasons – to achieve the timeless look the client was wanting and also to reduce costs. A key example of this strategy employed is the cost effective black dowel screens that are seen throughout the office areas. These not only serve to delineate the space, and offer some visual relief to the large workstation areas but also provide a subtle reinterpretation of the abacus, a nod to the ancient craft of accounting to this modern day practice.


This new environment will offer RSM an outstanding place to work and to meet with clients for the foreseeable future