Office of State Revenue


Office of State Revenue

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In 2016 MKDC were engaged by BMW and the Office of State Revenue to create a masterplan for the  refurbishment of  their current accommodation at 200 St Georges Terrace.


The project features an open plan environment with special zones across all floors including collaborative working areas, media pods, various sized meeting spaces, a large staff hub, quiet zones, breakout areas and a suite of flexible training rooms.


The customer service area is designed to be welcoming and easy to navigate. Existing ticket machine has been relocated in a prominent position with clear signage. The waiting area follows directly from this initial point of contact where customers are able to wait in comfort.


Vertical glass sliding panels were also incorporated into the service counter to ensure natural light penetration into the space at all times.


The Staff Hub on the second floor, features natural finishes accentuated by warm tones and textures to create a harmonious environment which enhances connection to outdoor spaces.