Brightwater Onslow Gardens Refurbishment


Brightwater Onslow Gardens

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MKDC worked with Brightwater Care Group (BCG) to develop their Residential Aged Care (RAC) Refurbishment  Design Guidelines.

The Onslow Garden Pilot Project,  was a first for BCG, to implement the new Guidelines into a typical RAC house at the Subiaco facility, piloting the Guidelines, through  a test and learn approach before major implementation across the portfolio of assets. The Pilot scope included upgrading corridors, handwash stations, lounge and dining rooms. The former kitchen, gated and dated, was also replaced with a new way of working and living, more domestic, open and enabling for residents and their families.  Risk mitigation was addressed through resolving new operational ways of working for staff in these more open kitchen areas.

Overall the design incorporates a colour palette driven by themes of nature and familiarity, creating a sense of home and place. As per the MKDC RAC Design Guidelines, dementia design best practice principles are seamlessly incorporated into the living environment, without  compromising the aesthetic objectives of creating welcoming and homely environments. The application of wall protection and healthcare grade fabrics and finishes ensure long term maintenance and infection control are managed however their use is an aesthetic  background of assurance, with the colours, final styling and finishing touches created by MKDC, ensuring spaces feel like home, albeit the loveliest of homes, where all are welcome.



Subiaco, Perth