Aged Care Interior Design

MKDC is an award-winning design practice, specialising in the design of Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs). As aged care interior design professionals, we have extensive knowledge in high care, respite and dementia design. We recognise that each RACF is unique and throughout the aged care design process, a sensitive design approach is needed to enable a smooth transition for staff, residents and their families.

We believe that good interior environments are flexible, safe, diverse, support well-being and encourage residents to actively engage enriching their overall experience. This is reflected in our aged care facility designs and we work collaboratively with facilities management and staff to address and manage project risks from day one.

As specialists in aged care refurbishment, MKDC have recognised RACF Refurbishment Scope Establishment Reporting as an emerging need in aged care. We approach this by identifying spatial opportunities within existing RACF environments and assessing how we can enable the transition to a high care model. This model requires us to create a physical environment that addresses the residents’ needs with higher levels of acuity both physically and mentally.

We have a proven and established methodology for carrying out these site assessments and scoping recommendations. Our approach puts the residents’ needs at the centre, whilst overlaying our expertise in streamlining workspace environments for staff, and understanding the financial bottom line imperatives for the business to support the refurbishment recommendations. 

Implementing new aged care reclassification processes, MKDC has authored Aged Care Design Guidelines for organisations, supported by current research and statutory building standards and codes. These guidelines advise on colour management; the importance of wayfinding and memory cues; and provide checklists of recommended materials, furniture and fixtures & fittings.

For further information on our expertise in aged care interior design, please call us on (08) 9321 7955 or complete our online enquiry form today.